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A delicate and meticulous hand wash, using advanced products, equipment, and techniques to insure a scratch free wash. Our gentle pH balanced wash media will not strip your vehicle’s wax or paint sealant, nor dull it’s finish, but will leave it with an ultra slick gloss, and is environmentally friendly.

High pressure pre-rinse to remove excess exterior soil etc. from paint, wheels, and wheel wells
Entire exterior foamed with a thick lather of pH balanced soap
Gently  and thoroughly agitated with high quality micro fibers and mitts
Thoroughly rinsed and blow dried followed by a soft wipe down as needed
All windows, inside and out, cleaned absolutely streak free with an anti fog glass cleaner
Tires treated to your liking with a matte sheen, high gloss shine, or just plain clean

Though this is a thorough hand wash, removing the majority of soil, bugs, etc., excessively dirty vehicles and/or heavy brake dust, tar, bugs, and/or tree sap removal will require extra time and effort and therefore will incur extra charges

FROM $35 (average/midsize)  



Interior carpeting, floor mats, and upholstery vacuumed followed by a light dusting/wipe down of dashboard and center console

FROM $10